"And I'm feeling like a floating boat.."

- Wandering Cloud

"By leaps and bounds, I'll stay with you"

- Two

The band was originated from an afternoon meeting in a club of a town, Cosenza, when, during a sound check of a local band, Carlo, Massimiliano and Fabio started improvising "Running to Stand Still", a U2 song. After that meeting, the idea of playing together - as the Brit sound was a common passion - got stronger and stronger until it sprang into a jam with the other two members of the band, Silverio , Massimiliano's brother and Mimmo, a long time friend.

Since that time, this group of friends has intensified evening meetings to get the opportunity to play and recreate those English sounds that had influenced all of them.

Since 2011, with the wish and the curiosity of those who know they can give something more, they have " locked" themselves in their Lab and 4 unpublished songs were written. Then They would release a three songs Ep in July 2011. This work would be nothing but an anticipation of a whole of 10 songs, next collected  in their first album.


"A Room of One's Own",  contains 10 songs recorded from 2013 to 2015 at the  "Officine33Giri studios". Following their work of recording, mixing and mastering,  the musician Joe Santelli [VioladiMarte] meanwhile decided to collaborate on recordings by playing the electric guitar on some tracks.

The disc also involved other musicians, of great depth and skill such as Paolo Chiaia [VioladiMarte] on piano Rodhes, Stefano Amato [Brunori sas - VioladiMarte] cello, Max Iozzia [Ultrasound] on guitar, Checco Pallone [Squintetto] on tambourines, Miriam Curti on vocals and choirs.

You can buy the  Album:

"A Room of one's own" here >>


fabio rodio | vocals

massimiliano curti | guitars and vocal

carlo bozzo | guitar

mimmo barbaro | bass guitar

silverio curti | drums




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